Chatting with Tyler on AI usage in chats | FN 6

Today we are having a special guest on the show, mr. Tyler Bittner, from sunny Los Angeles, California. Tyler works for RapportBoost.AI, a young company specializing in chat software augmentation by the use of AI technologies.

During the episode we discuss topics including, but not limited to:

  • Why “Rick and Morty” is so cool? 🙂
  • Does higher education do a good job preparing people for real, adult life? PL vs US
  • Why the small chat window on the side of a page can not be ignored anymore in 2017?
  • Rapport’s Boost products: why chat software deserves more of emotional intelligence?
  • Hardware requirements
  • Types of AI; technical slang
  • What is that “deep learning”-thing everybody talks about?
  • The future of AI. When Skynet is going to rule the world? What professions will go away first?
  • And many, many more!