At source of ZenCash – chatting with Robert Viglione | FN 4

During the recent Cryptocurrency World Expo 2017 convention in Warsaw, Poland, we were talking to Robert Viglione, co-founder and scientist at the ZenCash cryptocurrency project. ZenCash focuses on bringing value to end-customer and provides plenty of very interesting features, like full transparency and privacy.

Topics we mention during the conversation:

  • how a regular person can benefit from cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology?
  • what traits distinguish ZenCash from other cryptocurrencies?
  • how about privacy concerns?
  • what daily activities can you accomplish with ZenCash in your daily life in the US?
  • taxation for cryptocurrencies in the US
  • what jurisdictions are more friendly towards cryptocurrencies? Where should you go when planning an ICO?
  • what can an individual do to help to create a crypto-community in Poland?
  • are cryptocurrencies meant to be an investment instrument?
  • do many merchants accept cryptocurrencies in the US?
  • what is the future of legal regulations? What the situation looks like in the US now?