The Sound | Podcast Engineering 1

In this very first episode I quickly introduce myself and explain why I have decided to start this podcast. Next I talk to you about basics of the sound. How the sound can be approached? How do we represent sound waves? What is the time domain representation of sound? What is the frequency domain representation? And what we can do thanks to them both? All those questions are answered in the first episode.

However after the show had been recorded I realized, that I am actually less passionate about such academic-style topics. I think I will switch to rather talking more about things I currently work on. About my current adventures, wins and failures in the world of podcasting technology. And since I work very actively, there is plenty of topics I can talk about 🙂 Or maybe there is something you would like to hear about? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

You can find me on Twitter: @fredblacksheep